HiPP Compliance

For generations, sustainable thinking and action, the careful use of resources and the environment as well as respect for human dignity have characterized our corporate activities and our social responsibility.

In order to continue to meet the high standards we have set ourselves in the future, to manufacture products of the highest quality and in harmony with nature, we will continue to act responsibly - with regard to the company as a whole, but also with regard to each individual. In our dealings with each other and with our customers and business partners, we rely on trust, fairness, consistency and integrity. Behaving with integrity means doing the right thing. Our Compliance organisation provides us with important support in this regard.

It brings together all the measures taken to ensure that business is conducted in compliance with the law and regulations. At best, they prevent violations, but at least they make them considerably more difficult and consistently uncover them. In this way, we are able to firmly anchor legally and rule-compliant conduct throughout our entire organization in our day-to-day work.

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