"If you want to learn how to use the best from nature, you also need to learn how to do the best for nature."

For us, going beyond organic means doing more than the EU Organic Logo requires.

+ more than 60 years of experience in organic farming

+ animal welfare friendly farms that follow our strict HiPP guidelines

+ research to preserve species and promote biodiversity

+ stricter limit values than required by law

+ more than 260 checks per jar

+ climate-neutral production of our jars

= Our HiPP Organic Seal

"Stricter than EU-organic: the HiPP organic seal stands for excellent quality.

I guarantee this personally."

More animal-friendly:

This is how the HiPP organic cattle live

More animal-friendly:

HiPP does not clip the beaks

More animal-friendly:

The “Raising Cockerels” initiative

More animal-friendly:

Happy cows for our organic HiPP milk

More animal-friendly:

Fish from sustainable, MSC-certified fishing

More animal-friendly

 ... because with us, calves get to stay with their mothers a lot longer and male chicks also get to grow up.

On HiPP’s organic farms, the animals are happy. Species-appropriate rearing methods and natural fodder are core pillars of organic farming. The law is very clear in this regard: The The fodder must come from organic farms andmay not contain any antibiotics, performance enhancers or genetically modified raw materials. Choosing the most suitable breeds, providing lots of space for movement, large stables and enough light also contributes to the animals’ health and well-being.

HiPP even goes beyond the legal requirements and has its own producers’ guidelines that organic suppliers have to follow. HiPP employees perform regular on-site checks to ensure that all of HiPP’s requirements regarding animal rearing and animal protection are met. Thanks to this comprehensive process control, we are able to assure our customers that we rear our animals in a natural and species-appropriate manner, because the animals’ well-being is very important to us.

More biodiverse and more experienced:

More than 60 years of HiPP vegetable farming

More biodiverse and more experienced:

HiPP organic grain cultivation with the utmost care

More biodiverse and more experienced:

Fair organic bananas - our Costa Rica project

More biodiverse and more experienced:

HiPP fruit from meadow orchards

 More biodiverse and more experienced

 ... because organic farming also promotes biodiversity.

Did you know that only healthy soils can produce healthy foods?

Before a field can become a HiPP organic field, one of our experts checks the soil quality by taking several samples per field and analysing them in our labs. The field is only eligible for the cultivation of HiPP organic crops if the samples meet our strict quality requirements. By choosing open fields, we allow the wind to blow away pests, and by planting different herbs around our fields, we provide a habitat they prefer to our fields.

More sustainable and more climate-friendly

… because healthy soils release less CO2 and because our jars are produced in a climate-neutral way.