Climate protection

The protection of our climate is the most important challenge we face today. Climate change – together with the increasing loss of biodiversity – is disrupting soil fertility and living conditions. In the long run, we are risking the very foundations of our existence. For the production of food we need the right weather and sufficient, but not excessive, precipitation as well as fertile soils. Fruits, vegetables and cereals can only grow and thrive if the climate, water and soil are in harmony.

If we destroy our soils, it will have a major impact on the emission of harmful gases. Arable land, swamps, forest soils and grassland store CO2. Countless organisms in the soil live on carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. In organic farming, which HiPP has been promoting for more than 60 years, these microorganisms are considered to be the basis for humus formation and thus for soil fertility.

HiPP has therefore been committed to climate protection for many years. By using renewable energies and supporting worldwide climate protection projects, we produce climate-neutral in all HiPP plants within the EU. All products from our plants may therefore bear the "climate neutral" seal.