Organic fruit and banana cultivation

From flowering to processing, HiPP accompanies its organic fruit producers throughout the entire process. For our baby food, we select varieties that are particularly mild in taste, and low in acidity. The delicious organic pears for our fruity HiPP juices, for example, come from orchard meadows with some very old and rare varieties. In contrast to conventional farming, HiPP organic farmers do not use any pesticides or chemically synthesised sprays. This way, we protect the natural habitat of humans, plants and animals and preserve biodiversity.

Fair organic bananas – our Costa Rica project

More than 20 years ago, HiPP started a unique project to ensure the organic quality of our bananas, which is managed by Stefan Hipp and experienced employees. In contrast to conventional plantations, our organic banana plants grow far apart from one another in mixed plantations in the highland jungle of Costa Rica. This mixed cultivation helps to avoid the spread of fungi and pests as we cultivate strictly without the use of chemicals. The 1,000+ smallholders who work with us get fair payment for their bananas and we guarantee an annual purchase volume. This way, HiPP also assumes social and economic responsibility towards the people in this region. This fair cultivation in harmony with nature preserves the habitat and biodiversity of the Costa Rican jungle.