Organic cereal cultivation

HiPP organic cereals – be it wheat, millet or rice – are not just organic cereals. Our HiPP agricultural engineers assist our contract farmers and pay attention not just to soil health, but also to the movement of the wind, so that no undesirable substances end up on our fields. The seeds are also strictly controlled. They come from resistant varieties that do not require the use of chemicals. As they grow, they produce lots of valuable nutrients.

Our organic farmers adhere to a well-balanced crop rotation. This way, no synthetic fertilisers have to be used. Weeds are dealt with in the traditional way, by hand if necessary. By choosing open fields framed by different herbs and by introducing beneficial organisms, we can ward off pests. The grain is harvested at the peak of its maturity. Afterwards, a tight control system ensures that only the best quality is processed and ends up on your baby’s spoon.