Organic vegetable and carrot cultivation

For more than 60 years, HiPP has been committed to the cultivation of organic vegetables. Today, we share the experience we gained during this time with our organic vegetable suppliers. HiPP provides its vegetable farmers with advice on all steps of the production process – from the selection of the right fields and seeds, all the way through to plant growth and harvest. In order to prevent diseases and pests, our organic farmers adhere to a well-balanced crop rotation. This also ensures that our soils are not drained of nutrients, as different crops are planted each year. Healthy, untreated soils are the basis for the great raw materials we use in our products. They ensure that we get top quality products that are good enough to go beyond organic.

HiPP organic carrot farming

When growing organic carrots, production relies primarily on healthy and fertile soils. The seeds that are specially selected by our HiPP experts are ideal for the respective soils and are neither chemically treated nor genetically modified. In order to keep our soils and crops healthy, we at HiPP plant our organic carrots in the same field only every six to seven years. In the meantime, our farmers plant cereals, potatoes or clover. Weeds are dealt with in the traditional way, e.g. by hand. In doing this, we make an important contribution to protecting our environment.

Before our hand-picked carrots can be called “HiPP organic carrots”, we subject them to uncompromising tests in our own laboratory that checks them for over 1,200 possible residues. This is far more than prescribed by law. Our very own HiPP variety “Dulcis” is particularly mild and therefore ideal for babies’ sensitive taste buds.