Insect hotels

Insect hotels serve as a nesting place and a winter refuge for insects. Since around 80 percent of wild plants and more than 150 important crops depend on pollination by insects, these refuges are very important. The residents of such an insect hotel will serve as your very own natural pest controllers.


  • Material: reeds, hay, straw, bamboo stems, twigs, peat, clay, bricks, pine cones and wooden blocks with holes drilled into them (6-8 mm in diameter).
  • Arrange them in a larger structure, e.g. an old shelf.
  • It is best to hang it up facing east. This way the hotel is warmed up by the morning sun.
  • Adding elements in red will attract insects particularly well.
  • There are also great, ready-made insect hotels for sale: for more information, visit the websites of local nature preservation associations.