HiPP’s 2025 mission: A climate-positive future

In its next big step, HiPP aims to make the entire company, supply chain and product range climate-positive by 2025. Climate-neutrality is no longer enough to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Climate protection activities must be intensified. As a baby food manufacturer, HiPP wants to become completely climate-positive as soon as possible to keep the world a place worth living in and worth loving for future generations. After all, the negative effects on our planet are aggravated with every 0.1 degree Celsius temperature increase.

HiPP calculated all climate-relevant emissions in connection with its climate-positive jars, starting in the fields all the way through to the central warehouses of our retailers, and had the results confirmed by TÜV Nord AG. All carbon emissions were recorded, starting with those generated by the organic farming processes, and the production of the raw materials, through to the manufacturing as well as packaging of the finished jars, right through to the logistics chain. By 2025, we will have determined and reduced the climate footprint of all HiPP products and all areas of the company as much as possible. Any remaining emissions will be offset through climate protection projects.