What we do for our climate

Even when climate change was not yet recognised as the greatest challenge of our time, HiPP was already taking action to protect our climate. We have already achieved a lot in the past decades: we have switched to renewable energy sources and have been able to reduce and even avoid emissions. We’ve also reduced the amount of packaging materials, thereby further avoiding and cutting emissions. As a result, for example, carbon emissions at the Pfaffenhofen site have been reduced by more than 80 percent. Since 1995, HiPP has been complying with the strict requirements of the European environmental management system EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) and has since improved its ecological footprint every year. The HiPP production sites in Pfaffenhofen (Germany) and Gmunden (Austria) have been climate-neutral since 2011. Since then, the plants in Herford (D), Glina (Croatia) and Hanságliget (Hungary) have followed suit and are now also climate-neutral thanks to the use of renewable energy sources and the support of projects for climate protection. In order to make the entire company climate-positive, further potential carbon savings along the value chain have been identified. Over the next four years, we along with our partners will dedicate our efforts to implementing new measures for carbon avoidance. Any emissions that cannot be cut or avoided will be offset.

            We reduce emissions

            • by actively protecting our climate through organic farming since 1956
            • by constantly optimising our energy supply concepts
            • by continuously reducing carbon emissions since the beginning of the 90s
            • by producing climate-neutrally at all EU sites
            • by optimising the packaging of our products

            We offset emissions

            • by binding carbon through humus formation
            • by being involved in global climate protection projects
            • by implementing climate protection projects within our own supply chain