Climate protection projects

HiPP is involved in various climate protection projects around the world – including one in Cape Town where we cooperate with our long-standing partner Soil & More Impacts.

Cape Town has to deal with approx. 30,000 cubic metres of green waste per month. Until a few years ago, nearly 100 percent of this waste ended up in the city’s large landfills. There, the high amounts of organic waste caused logistical and, above all, emission problems.

In the past years, our Cape Town climate protection project has worked on turning this organic waste into valuable compost. By 2020, this project has allowed us to convert over 10 million cubic metres of green waste into high-quality potting soil, saving half a million tons of carbon.

UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) institutions have already openly recommended this HiPP supported project as a way of offsetting emissions.