Climate protection through soil conservation

Active climate protection and sustainable actions are core pillars of HiPP’s corporate philosophy. In 1956, the organic pioneer laid the foundations for active nature and climate protection by switching to organic farming. Sustainable and soil-friendly organic farming allows HiPP to make a valuable contribution to nutrient-rich and fertile soils and thus to climate protection. We need healthy soils not only for ensuring good harvests, but also for retaining more water and binding more carbon in the long term.

A high humus content is key in all of this. HiPP therefore promotes organic farming and humus formation projects around the world. Soils with a high humus content have been proven to bind climate-damaging carbon and to secure our future. Avoiding the use of synthetic fertilisers in organic farming also significantly reduces greenhouse gases. The production of these kinds of fertilisers is very energy-intensive and therefore responsible for a significant proportion of the greenhouse gases caused by the agricultural sector.