Sustainable fishing

In our HiPP meals we use Alaska pollock, hake, cod, wild salmon and plaice. Most of them are caught on the high seas, far away from the coasts. Our fishing grounds lie in the North East Atlantic and the North East Pacific.

The fish used in our HiPP products come exclusively from sustainable, MSC-certified fisheries. The MSC guarantees that the fisheries it controls comply with specific environmental standards, protect stocks and manage their fisheries responsibly. In order to guarantee the best quality of the fish, the environmental conditions are constantly evaluated and particularly beneficial high sea fishing grounds are selected. The fisheries themselves are also checked regularly.

This way, HiPP discourages overfishing of the seas and actively contributes to the preservation of fish stocks. We help to secure the livelihoods and food sources of numerous people around the world, so that our youngest customers can inherit a world that has enough resources for them to continue eating fish, even as adults.