Organic cattle farming

HiPP’s organic beef comes from our own farms and carefully selected partners. We follow the most stringent rules and compliance with these rules is strictly monitored by HiPP’s agricultural engineers and veterinarians.

HiPP’s organic cattle are kept in forests and on pastures for most of the year. This is the most species-appropriate method. It keeps the animals strong, resilient and healthy. Our cattle only feed on the grasses in the pastures, and in winter they are fed hay or silage and, if necessary, concentrated fodder. The fodder must come from organic farms and may not contain any antibiotics, performance enhancers or genetically modified raw materials.

An issue of particular importance is suckling cow husbandry: The calves of our organic grass-fed cattle are usually born out on the pastures. At the Ehrensberger Hof farm, HiPP’s organic model farm, they then remain with their mothers for 8 months and are allowed to drink their milk.