Organic turkey farming

At HiPP, we only use organic turkey meat from qualified partner farms. The organic free-range turkeys are kept according to our HiPP producers’ guidelines, which are far more stringent than required by the EU Organic Farming Regulation. We do not, for example, clip the beaks of our turkeys and we ensure that they can fully enjoy their natural social behaviour. These special producers’ guidelines also prescribe that our turkeys have to spend at least 1/3 of their lives outdoors.

The areas where they can move about freely are very diverse: they include local plants as well as wooden structures and provide the naturally curious animals with plenty to explore. Whenever the weather isn’t nice enough to roam the pastures, they have access to sheltered outdoor areas. This is something we laid down in our HiPP Organic Farming Guidelines.

Part of our organic rearing practices is to feed our turkeys with fresh clover, as it contains important nutrients. Our organic cereal-based feed is, of course, produced in HiPP-controlled feed mills. Organic and species-appropriate animal farming requires a great deal of effort, but we are convinced that it’s worth it.